Talking Torah Live!

Each, weekly, calendar based, Sabbath we gather with many of our close friends here in the chat-room on this site and on Paltalk. Both chat-rooms are accessible from this page. Don’t forget to also click on the Talking Torah Radio link to hear the live feeds from Jeff Gilbert, Mark Call and others.

The gathering starts at 7:00am (-6GMT)(Mountain time, US, in the summer) until after 3pm in the afternoon. We are hopeful that you too, will find it a family affair.

Please, also remember, these weekly gatherings are not meant to replace a local, face to face, gathering. If you have access to a local gathering, please make every attempt to go (at least on the Moedim and maybe even on the New Moons if the fellowship isn’t too far away.

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Talking Torah Round Table, Topicals: The Prophetic life of Hosea, Part 1

Today Yoel and I begin a new book of study… Hosea. We begin this course with a discussion of the times that Hosea lived and saw. A contemporary of several other of the “Major Prophets”, however the only “Prophet” that was of the northern Kingdom.

Talking Torah Live! Ve’era (The New Contextament)

Today we continue the theme of the Context of Torah in the context of Eden. And discuss how the book of John from the church texts is from a completely new context. Like a “Strangler Fig” acting like a grafted branch.