Talking Torah, to all who would hear.
And shining the Light on the Covenant of God for all Nations to see.
Written Torah is our focus and our foundation.
Talking Torah

Where we talk Torah to all who will hear. We do not concern ourselves with the personal faiths of others, only in the teaching relating to “good fruits” that those who are in covenant with the God of Abraham, Yitzaac and Yaacov are to bring out in their everyday lives. Those who would divide or destroy over things that pertain to “faith” are generally not welcome here. There are plenty of places for adversary to go, just not here.

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Talking Torah Weekly!

Weekly commentary on the Torah portions with Jeff Gilbert.


Jeff Gilbert is…

not a rabbi,

not considered “Jewish” by the rabbinate and

not authorized by the rabbinate in any way to discuss the words of Torah.

But, I do it anyway.


Join us each week as we discuss the ideas surrounding the weekly divisions of the first five books of the “bible”. These discussions focus on helping those who are not associated, nor maybe even not want association with, any christian, or even rabbinic traditions.


We folk, who are standing between two camps…

on one side christianity, in all it’s shapes and traditions,

on the other side, Judaism, in all it’s shapes and traditions.

We folk have a voice, and we have a right to worship the God of Abraham in the way He details in His written words.

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Talking Torah Round Table

The Round Table is a Talking Torah feature where we discuss Torah ideas with respected teachers in our community.  Each week we post discussions ranging from the weekly readings to  topical discussions such as on the topic of Oral Torah.  Very detailed and lively discussions. Recordings include Ira Michaelson, Rod Bryant, Yoel Halevi, Jodell Onstott, and others.

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