I was thinking about the idea of a prophet. And if a prophet is a “messiah”.
And was remembering the different Hebrew terms that are used (i..e. ,roughly transliterated as, moshia and moshiach) the terms Messiah and Messianic.

In my studies, I have come to view the terms as,

1) Moshiach i.e. “redeemer”.. there were supposed to be “two” messiah/redeemers who were in service in Israel, at all times. Namely.. the King, and the High Priest. However, Prophets weren’t normally (I cannot recall a single example) “anointed” with oil. And therefore were not technically a “messiah”.

2) Moshia i.e. prophet”ic”. In that they had the purpose of supporting the “Godly” goals of the two “moshiachs”.

Prophets were “messianic” in their tone. I.e. they focused the people to return to a right state where the “Messiahs” would be in their proper places (i.e. the King and the Priest… two separate positions, due in large part to the Golden Calf, imho).

I would assume that this could be extended to include Israel, “a Nation of priests”. It seems that they were to also be “messianic” in their tone. In that they/we were¬† told to be “lights” or “life” to Adam in order for Adam to be able to return to the God. It is also my assumption that the land inheritance given to Abraham was Eden. (At least that would make the two stories contiguous.) Therefor, my assumption is that Israel’s duty is to be the example of Trusting in God so that all Adam can once again be blessed with access to Eden.

In this context.. we’re told to be “messianic”. In that we do what we need to do to change our “intent” (namely, trust… which is how God asks us to live) and the intent of our immediate surroundings (i.e. firstly our homes, then our friendships, then our acquaintances, i.e Devarim 6:4) in order to match what life will be like when we have our “Messiahs” are in their rightful place.

So, even though we have “seemingly” lost the proper use of the word to groups that misuse the term “messianic”. It would still seem to be a valid descriptor for how we are to live and act.

So, are you being messianic?

something to consider…