Talking Torah Round Table, Topicals: The Prophetic life of Hosea, Part 1

Today Yoel and I begin a new book of study… Hosea. We begin this course with a discussion of the times that Hosea lived and saw. A contemporary of several other of the “Major Prophets”, however the only “Prophet” that was of the northern Kingdom.

Talking Torah Live! Ve’era (The New Contextament)

Today we continue the theme of the Context of Torah in the context of Eden. And discuss how the book of John from the church texts is from a completely new context. Like a “Strangler Fig” acting like a grafted branch.

Talking Torah Weekly: Ve’era

Ok folks.. here is my take on the 7 plagues of Egypt in this portion.  And the importance of Trust that was made clear by the actions of the God above all the “gods of man”.

Talking Torah Round Table: Ve’era

Shalom folks.. Yoel and I discuss the beginning of the work of Moses. This is one of my most favored sections of the texts. Although, I do seem to say that a lot around this time of year :)