Shalom everyone… I wanted to begin a discussion with those who frequent this page.  Please feel free to chime in as you desire. However, do not get rude or testy and you posts will remain on the site.


1) Where do we see in the Tanach (“OT”) that we are to worship Messiah?

2) Where in the Tanach does it say that we are to look for one to die for our sins?

3) Where does it say, in the Tanach, that those who do not accept Yeshua/Jesus as personal Lord and Savior will die and burn in hell?

Rules… ALL ANSWERS FROM THE TANACH. No answers from the NT.. why??? Because Matthew 5 says that Yeshua brought no changes, and Hebrew 4 says that the same gospel was preached to those of Moses day, and Galatians 3 agrees that it is the same gospel, and John3 ,Yeshua teaches Nickademos how to be born again with only the Tanach. And the Behreans only had the Tanach and they were seen as the most respected of the “sects”.

So, if it was good enough for them.. then it is good enough for us.

All NT answers will be scrubbed. Only use Tanach answers.