We have found some new music for use on the radio station. It will be a few weeks before we can purhchase the albums and get them ready.. But, you will be hearing our new Intro/Outro music on the Weekly and the Round Table discussions is now changed.

Rabbi David Paskin from, The World Wide Reb <http://www.worldwidereb.com> and The Rock’n roll Rabbi <http://www.rocknrollrabbi.com>, has kindly allowed us to use his music. Once we can purchase the music we will be putting it online a soon as possible.

The first song that we have access to is our new theme song. The song is called “Talkin’Torah” (fits us like a glove) and is a very fun song.

We hope that you enjoy this new (new to us) artist.

Shalom alekhim to all of Hashem, YHVH,’s house.