Talking Torah

Where we talk Torah to all who will hear. We do not concern ourselves with the personal faiths of others, only in the teaching relating to “good fruits” that those who are in covenant with the God of Abraham, Yitzaac and Yaacov are to bring out in their everyday lives. Those who would divide or destroy over things that pertain to “faith” are generally not welcome here. There are plenty of places for adversary to go, just not here.

Talking Torah Live! Bereshyt

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Talking Torah Live! Bereshyt

Today we discuss the first portion of the Torah.  We take the position in today’s discussion that the first 6 chapters are not one continuous writing, but several books sewn together to give us a context that will continue through the remainder of the Tanakh. One primary point of the discussion is “Who was the Nachash?” Was it “satan” or was it Cain?