About Us

About Us

Talking Torah  began serving the general public in 2006 and continues today reaching people from all parts of the world and all walks of life. The concepts of “Universal Torah” (i.e. Torah to all who care to listen) has been widely received by most of our target audience. We are not interested in your personal faith choices, but rather in your desire to hear Torah and to walk in “good fruit” (namely, works of righteousness as defined by the words of Torah as found in the Tanach (OT). With the “home office” located in Costa Rica since 2010, Talking Torah, has continued to reach out to all walks of life in hopes that those who hear the call will make “Teshuvah” (repentance, from dead works and turn to walk according to the commandments). Many are not yet ready to hear and we desire only to give “food for thought” to those who are not yet ready to walk as they are directed by their God (Assuming the God of Abraham, Yitsaac and Yaacob). Such folks are welcome to come and hear and ask questions concerning their need for obedience to the Torah of Yehovah.

Talking Torah teachers have walked out in the world, and amongst those who are not yet in a walk of “Teshuvah” and has seen the spiritual debauchery that is prevalent amongst those who have been raised in the world. Those people are just as worthy as the most righteous person to hear Torah and respond as their heart leads them. We do not participate in their “Idolatry” nor in their form of worship, however, they are just as worthy to be given the chance to hear Torah as even the most righteous is.

Talking Torah does not concern itself with matters of “personal faiths”. What you believe about YHVH is far less important than your desire to follow Him. Those who divide over personal faiths or understandings are confronted and enlightened about the greatest commandments and that to judge another based on their “view” of the Elohim of Israel are acting on behalf of “Adversary”. And are exhorted to leave those practices behind.

Talking Torah currently records teachings with orthodox as well as unorthodox teacher alike. This web site as well as http://TalkingTorah.podbean.com are the  two primary repositories for the regular teachings that are recorded. Talking Torah also has live teaching each Sabbath on Paltalk in the Talking Torah room.  Talking Torah also has a 24/7 web radio site that has connection buttons displayed throughout this site. This station plays approved music and teachings  throughout the month. With new teachings and music added regularly (with approval).

Thank you, and may YHVH’s face shine upon you as you desire to walk out His desires.

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