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Talking Torah Live! Deuteronomy 30; The Lo Ammi and the Expectation of Restoration

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Talking Torah Live! Deuteronomy 30; The Lo Ammi and the Expectation of Restoration

Today, during our live presentation of our walk through Deuteronomy, we discuss Deuteronomy 30. During this presentation we discuss the expectations set within the Torah that, as per Deuteronomy 4 and 13, are mandated as fences for all subsequent prophets to follow. Is a “new” covenant allowed? What are some of the milestones that must occur in order for the restoration to be proclaimed. And did the second temple actually function as a valid, authoritative, place “where I shall place My name”.


Urgent! Time sensitive project, funds needed!

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Shalom yall… We are about 4-6 weeks from rainy season starting here. And we still have several projects that need some help in order to get them completed in time for the monsoons. If you have any free help that you could send our way.. then please consider doing so as soon as possible.

Here are the major projects….

1) Fencing… the never ending project. In this stage of fencing I need to enclose the animals in a better pasture when we are in monsoon rains that can last for weeks. This project will cost, roughly US$500.00
2) Roofing… we need to finish off the greenhouse. The project costs will be for rafters and plastics to finish off the greenhouse and allow for food production during the monsoons. This project will cost, roughly US$400.00
3) The constant costs for internet sites, radio station and our connection is a monthly drain on a low income. This project needs a monthly sponsor who can help with roughly US$80 per month which would cover the annual costs as well as the monthly costs for the podcast/presentation outlets.

There are other projects, such as car repair, but they aren’t as high on the list at the moment.

So, IF, you have the ability to help and would like to help. Then please use the Paypal link below to send money, or you can email me at if you have other questions. Thank you very much for the help.