Hello, for many, you are already aware of the Talking Torah Radio station that has been running for 5 years now. And has grown from it’s beginnings into the platform that we use on a weekly basis for our weekly live Sabbath discussions. We also have music from several bands has been used as our primary rotation throughout the week and almost all of the recorded discussions has been from in-house sources and peers.

However, it is time we made some changes. We are looking to shake up Talking Torah Radio with new presenters and new music.

So, what we need from you is the following…

  1. Talking Torah is looking for news oriented programming to fill 2 daily slots. These will be a consistent, daily programs with fresh programming daily. It is my hope that we can find talent who would like to have a live program on a regular basis. But, we will also accept recorded programming.
    1. These programs will not be overtly religious in nature. They will be straight forward and reasonable in their approach to the news.
    2. I would like for one of the programs to be hosted by someone who has a strong financial background and another with a strong technological background.
      1. the point being that the two shows will not be overlapping in detail.
  2. Talking Torah is also looking for new music. Due to copyright laws we limit our music to songs that have expressly been allowed for our use on the station. We would like to refresh our pool of music with newer artists. If you or someone you know has studio recordings of their work and would allow us to use it in our programming, we would like to speak with you/them about this.
  3. Talking Torah also would just like to remind the newer subscribers that we host a weekly live discussion time on the Sabbath at 8:00am(-6gmt) and runs until the late afternoon. We can be found at in the chat-room found at www.chatwing.com/talkingtorah#. You can log into the chat-room with your facebook or google account or you can log in as guest. Either way it is a time of chatting and catching up on friends you haven’t seen all week. Some of the chatters even stay in the room until well after dark
  4. Finally, Talking Torah’s YouTube.com channel will begin a new series on the Book of Deuteronomy; “The Hitchhiker’s Guide” to the creation! Over the next couple of week we will begin posting videos on the topic and will attempt to have the full series uploaded before the annual reading cycle ends. You can view these and all of our videocasts at https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkinTorah

So, if you are in a position to help out with our changes, or if you just have some questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me at Jeff@talkingTorah.org.