How do you know that God keeps His promise to those who are His? Just as God promised to Punish, and has, He has promised to Bless, and He will. The Promises to chastise are still promises that show us that He is not asleep, He is not away on a trip, He is not busy playing checkers with Elvis. He promised to Bless those who love Him and obey His instruction. And He promised to curse, better… Discipline, those who did not obey. Are the blessings Eternal? Not once is that stated, but if you are looking for physical blessings, and physical discipline… thenĀ  you are onĀ  the right path. Almost nothing in the whole bible says anything about your eternal being. It is 99.999% of the time only talking about your physical bodies. Relax… your eternity is not at risk. Never was… never will be.