Today Yoel and I begin a new cycle of format for the teaching discussions. After two years of the Torah Cycle we have ended the weekly recordings of the Torah Portions and have begun a new cycle of Topical discussions. This first topic, which will last over several discussions, is on the subject of the Oral Torah. During the discussion we bring out that there is an Oral Torah from Moses. The discussion opens up the history of the Oral Torah that is in use today and how it is similar or different from the Oral Torah of Moses.

We are also beginning an active call for you all to bring your questions on this and other topics to us so that we can plan and prepare for more than just a cursory overview of your questions. So, send those questions and comment directly to me at and I will begin a list. The list will be held on and will be able to be interactive.

Thanks for all who have been with us on the Round Table over the years and for those who will help us to continue to serve the people of God’s Covenant of Israel for years to come.