Today Yoel Halevi and Jeff Gilbert discuss “Who is Israel” and “How do they live for God”.  Starting from the days of Moses and leading into the Second Temple period,  Yoel and Jeff discuss the changes that have occurred throughout the generations of Israel. From the days of unity under Joshua to the beginning day of the separation between Judah and Israel in David’s day.

The biggest changes to Israel occurred with the moving of the temple to Jerusalem and the division becomes larger and larger until the days of Solomon’s children when the whole  thing came crashing down.  With Israel being captured by Assyria and 200 years later Judah (and those who were with her) following suite to Babylon. What returned from Babylon was not what went.

Next  recording will include the timeline from Babylon to Herod. If you have specific questions or comments that you would like us to address then please email and I will make sure it gets addressed.

Shalom alechim