As many of you have, we (Lisa and I) began our journey with the cross. At a young age, we both felt the call to worship the God of Abraham. Quickly snatched up by the christian denominations, we were taught the “better way” to worship God, “in His son”.

It took us many years — as it has many of you — to leave behind the doctrines and definitions of the church. What had begun in us as “christian” (i.e. limited, general and mal-defined, understandings of “Who” and “What” God “is and is not”) has evolved into an understanding that God deals with His creation within “Covenants”. These covenants are promises that can always be counted on.

I am no longer a “Label”.

I am, as are each of you, a “Neshama” of God, YHVH. With the neshama there is no death and no eternal damnation.

To understand the covenants is to understand the greatest questions of “Man”… Who am I and Why am I here? And Who is God?

Each covenant of God is vitally important to us as they tell us who/what God “Is”.  These covenants all interconnect:  From the Covenants of the “Land” in the days of Eden and Noah, to the Covenants of the “People” in the days of Abraham and Moses.  These covenants are the foundation for our understanding of not only who God is but also who we are and what we are supposed to be accomplishing in our lives.

We are, in this life, i.e. in this flesh, to live a full life in this creation. That is our purpose. We are to live completely, to experience and enjoy every aspect of life (within the restraints outlined in the Covenant) to its fulness. And our goal is to be gathered with all of God’s “Neshamaym”. Those who live a life, that desires to be part of the fulfillment of the covenant, will be invited to attend the fulfillment of the covenant, namely, “Eden, Restored”.

God is a God who keeps His Promise. It is the very existence of the Shem (name, title, description, personality, aspect) of God, YHVH. He gave us this Name, YHVH as part of His redemption of all those who cried for His “Promise”.  It is this Name that we still cry out, looking for that day when He gathers all that are His from all the places where they have been scattered; even from the uttermost parts of death and will bring them into the Land: A land promised to our fathers. A land that He promised for all those who would live according to His Torah, native born and the strangers alike who wish to live according to God’s one Torah.

To our brothers in Judaism, we are called Ger Toshav (a “welcome” stranger, someone sympathetic and empathetic to the “Covenants of God”, yet not bound by the customs of Judaism). To our other brothers, yet restrained within the traditions and definitions of the church, we are called “Heretics” as punishment for no longer accepting their traditions and definitions as “Divinely Inspired”. Yet, the blessing of the covenants is attainable by all, whether “Born” into the covenant,  or “Grafted” into it by “faith” – the end result is the same… “Eden, Restored”

The Restoration of Eden for those who live according to the covenant.  Those who live in/for/obedient to the Covenant will be blessed with the reward of the covenant. For those who live in the Covenant of God through Moses then they will be gathered together to live in the fulfillment of that covenant as well as all previous covenants.

Which is nothing more than Eden, Restored!

The very foundation of our understanding of God and how He deals with us is clear, IF we understand His covenants. From the very first covenant, we are waiting for the exile of Eden to end. All those who live for His covenant (which is basically just one long covenant from Adam till Moses) will be raised up to live within the Fulfillment of the Covenant.  All those with a “Neshama” live for eternity, yet only those who live for the Covenant will live in Eden, Restored!

Shalom to you, as you walk out His covenant.

Jeff Gilbert is a Ger Toshav lecturer on topics of the Torah and the covenants of the God of Moses. Visit Talking Torah: E-mail Jeff Gilbert: Call Jeff Gilbert: 506-8983-2342